What if BJD dolls are too expensive to buy? She chose to do it herself, to satisfy the girlish heart!

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When I was a child, I most wanted different dolls, and when I grew up, I most wanted BJD by hand. No matter how long I kept a girl’s heart

But poverty limits my girlie heart, BJD’s one-eyed, hand-operated storage box, which at any price would send me into cardiac arrest

Then my girly collection became a collection of BJD and handmade photos

Visual communication professional background, is engaged in the design industry

In April, 2017, I suddenly became interested in doing handwork. I thought I could not do it, but I never thought that I had been doing it for half a year.

Lusheng is the first hand doll I made, a white-haired boy with blue eyes and horns. After each work there will be lusheng seal, is the only certification of the characteristics.

“The handmade works I usually do are just out of interest, and there is no special training or learning. I just buy tools and materials and start to make them.” As a designer, I put my hands on the weekends.

“But oddly enough, these little things just get the hang of it and don’t get the hang of it. But I do a lot of local exercises.

“The first time to do hand is really inexplicable skilled, after will often do some of my favorite animation characters ~ but after I think the future of the small hand probably only do cats.”

“After all, as a cloud cat people, can not raise only a few.” In addition, she materialized her dream.

“The inspiration of hand work can only be said to come from life. After all, it’s good to be imaginative. But it does bring happiness.

If the dream has a shape/I give her appearance/please give her soul.