BJD doll tell you, what is the country

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You know what? My favorite SD doll as a child is actually just a brand name. This doll is actually called BJD, which refers to all kinds of moving shapes with spherical joints, but only refers to those exquisite and beautiful human figures. Follow UP to learn about other famous BJD humanoid brands.

The BJD doll must be well known to all, after all, when the doll came out, countless people were overwhelmed by her perfect appearance. When I was young, I liked to buy all kinds of gadgets with BJD dolls on them. When I grew up and saw more BJD dolls, my little heart was very excited.

The production process of this precious baby BJD doll is very complicated, and it also relies on manual work, so her price is always on the high side, but it is indeed a work of art. And each brand’s processing way is different, the baby’s style also has the obvious distinction.

Love her, love her, love her.