BJD doll novice makeup tutorial, hand residual party can learn to read

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Step 1: spray extinction

Spray extinction to distance from the doll 20 cm outside spray, do not get too close or too far away. The best result is a bit of a semi-dry, wet feeling, like a wipes paper on the back of your hand. The location of the matte spray is also important, preferably in a dry place to spray.

I’m going to do a final drawing.

Part two: draw the mouth seam

Prepare a facial pencil, acrylic paint in red and black, and a small piece of water-washed eraser

Use the acrylic nozzle to color the seams red or black, and add a little water to mix. Dip the pen into the paper and test it on the paper. Smooth strokes will not be the best color card.

If your hands are all wrong, just pick up an eraser and erase the wrong part of the painting.

If you use an eraser to clean a lot, you can make it up again. If you make up a lot, you can make it up again.

Step 3: apply eyeliner

Get some colored pencils and a sharp-edged eraser for the old man’s head

Why do we have to use the old man’s head eraser? Because 80% of erasers on the market are not suitable for BJD makeup, which will ruin the matting and make the makeup dirty. Only the old man’s rubber head works better.

First use a black pencil along the upper eyelid of the doll, and then continue along the inner orbit of a smear, not too black use.

The 4th pace: draw double eyelid

Look for a light tan pencil and draw your eyelids in the right place. It is easy to make mistakes in the process of painting, which requires constant erasers with sharp corners. In the process of wiping your lines will be more and more accurate, and did not wipe the clean those faint yellow shadow will be like makeup like the background, more natural.

The 5th pace: real person wind makeup facial texture effect

This step according to personal preference, if you do not like can skip, ready to two water-soluble color lead, must be water-soluble color lead can not say oily color lead.

Now the doll face literally dot, red color lead can draw red blood silk or something, and then get a more intensive effect of fear.

Dip the pen into the water and smudge away the most dense area of color lead. Dizzy catch wants as far as possible natural, resemble painting watercolor same. Leave a trace of red blood on your face so that the texture of your skin will be rich.

Step 6: draw the eye socket

Prepare the desired toner and scrape it off with a knife.

Use a small brush to gently brush down the rim of your eye, which may go too far, such as down your cheek. Never mind, use an eraser to create the outline of your lower eye socket.

Step 7: draw your eyebrows.

Disappear light first, according to the eyebrow form that you like to draw casually, do not care about line, main attention point is on eyebrow discretion and trend. About the same as the painting, the eyebrows gently rubbed off, leaving only a shadow, the second time the extinction, in accordance with the shadow line can be left.

Then spray the second extinction, spray the second extinction, the eyeliner to deepen, the eyebrows to draw some specific, is still a brush painting.

Step 8: draw lip lines

It’s easy to paste a pencil on your mouth. So use less toner and arrange parallel lines around your mouth. To keep your lips from looking sticky, draw the outline of a mouth.

Step 9: brush cheek red, draw next eyelash

Brush the words of blush believe a lot of little fairy will, it is important to pay attention to is in spray the third time before extinction must check, there is residual rubber around the eyes. Because when drawing lines, we frequently used rubber, a lot of small rubber ash to see carefully, if the rubber with the third spray matting, matting will be very rough, matting rough, there is no way to brush toner.

When the novice draws next eyelash, must not from left to right arrange a picture, and should be interspersed with a picture. Because interspersed with the picture better grasp the density of the lower eyelashes. And the line would rather draw long than short, because the picture is long, you can use the eraser gently swept, rubbed very naturally. But draw short need to fill a pen, fill a pen to be able to make the line of eyelash becomes very ton. Draw eyelash to fall pen must fast.

This is done after the spray matte makeup, polish oil, specifically in the eye socket, lips.